About Us!

The women of our club share a common interest in the community and the country and want to know and understand them. We are committed to caring and excellence and your membership brings with it a friendship, knowledge and opportunity.

Whether you want to attend luncheons or serve on a committee, you will find your                   participation worthwhile. Your involvement and talents will be appreciated in our                endeavors to enhance the strength and leadership of the Republican Party.

The Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated is a member of the National Federation of Republican Women and its Florida chapter.

The Club meets the second Friday of each month and its fiscal year starts January first and ends December thirty-first. Our executive board recommend policy and upholds the        principles of the Republican Party.


    • To promote an informed electorate through political education.
    • To encourage the effectiveness of women who want to be involved in good government.
    • To foster loyalty to, and promote the principles of the Republican Party in         candidates in all elections.
    • To encourage participation in Republican state and national conferences and conventions.
    • To encourage candidacy for women at all levels of government.
    • To sponsor stimulating programs featuring Republican speakers and                  initiatives.
    • To award scholarships to qualified Naples area women.
    • To endorse a stance on issues having local, state and national impact.


  • Membership is open to registered Republicans who intend to support Republican principles and candidates.
  • Dues-paying members have the privilege of voting, participating in debate, serving on committees, holding office and serving as delegates to state and national             conventions.
  • Voting members of another Federated Club may become associate dues-paying members, and attend meetings.
  • Men are also eligible for associate membership and may attend club meetings and functions.


If you want to build a brighter future for all Americans, we need your help. Make a                difference by:

      • Helping to register and switch voters to the Republican Party
      • Serving as a precinct woman
      • Assisting in fund-raising
      • Volunteering for Republican candidates and organizations
      • Making neighbor-to-neighbor visits and phone calls